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FS2004-FSX - TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - MD-500 SOUNDPACK No Survey No Password 2019

FS2004-FSX - TURBINE SOUND STUDIOS - MD-500 SOUNDPACK No Survey No Password 2019

If you are a fan of flight simulators and helicopters, you might be interested in the MD-500 Soundpack from Turbine Sound Studios. This soundpack is designed to enhance the realism and immersion of the MD-500 helicopter, one of the most versatile and agile helicopters in the world. The MD-500 Soundpack is compatible with both FS2004 and FSX, and it features high quality sounds for the engine, cockpit, startup, shutdown, and more. In this article, we will review the features and benefits of the MD-500 Soundpack, and show you how to get it for free without any survey or password.

What is the MD-500 helicopter?

The MD-500 helicopter is a light utility helicopter developed by Hughes Helicopters and later by McDonnell Douglas and MD Helicopters. It is based on the OH-6 Cayuse, a military observation helicopter that was used extensively in the Vietnam War. The MD-500 has a distinctive egg-shaped fuselage, a five-blade main rotor, and a T-tail. It can carry up to five passengers and has a maximum speed of 152 knots (175 mph). The MD-500 is used for various roles, such as law enforcement, air ambulance, aerial photography, tourism, and military operations. Some of the famous users of the MD-500 include the US Army, the FBI, the LAPD, and James Bond.

Download Zip:

What is the MD-500 Soundpack?

The MD-500 Soundpack is a sound enhancement package created by Turbine Sound Studios, a sound studio that specializes in creating soundpackages for flight simulators. The MD-500 Soundpack is designed to improve the sound quality and realism of the MD-500 helicopter in FS2004 and FSX. The soundpack captures every aspect of the MD-500, both inside and outside, with high fidelity recordings. The soundpack includes:

  • Complete engine sounds (internal/external)

  • Cockpit environment (gyros/cooling)

  • Startup/shutdown

  • Soundcones (FSX feature)

The soundpack also features realistic blade slap sounds, which are caused by the interaction of the rotor blades with the air. The blade slap sounds vary depending on the speed, altitude, and angle of attack of the helicopter. The soundpack gives you the chance to enjoy the truly awesome sound of the fast spinning blades by the MD-500.

How to get the MD-500 Soundpack for free?

The MD-500 Soundpack is normally sold for 9.16 ($10.64) at [simMarket], a leading online store for flight simulation products. However, you can get it for free without any survey or password by following these simple steps:

  • Download the [MD-500 Soundpack] from Turbine Sound Studios' website.

  • Extract the zip file to your desktop.

  • Copy and paste the "Sound" folder into your FS2004 or FSX main directory.

  • Enjoy your new sounds!

Note: The MD-500 Soundpack requires that you have the NemethDesigns MD-500 for FSX installed. You can get it from [here].


The MD-500 Soundpack is a great addition to your flight simulator collection if you love helicopters and realism. It enhances the sound quality and immersion of the MD-500 helicopter in FS2004 and FSX with high fidelity recordings and realistic effects. You can get it for free without any survey or password by following our instructions above. We hope you enjoy flying with the MD-500 Soundpack!


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