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Assessments and developmental goals are provided to our families every 3 or 4 months to touch base with the parents on how your child is doing socially and their motor skills development.


A set environment with out speaking or showing to much children themselves understand their environment. Teacher guides them and is allows one on one time to teach them their academic side.



Our program allows kindergarten and school age children to balance learning and fun through a variety experiences. From homework help to fun physical activities, our early education program is designed so that everyone goes home happy.

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Our Philosophy

The parents are the foremost caregiver of a child.  Together, with the parents and the staff of Creative Explorers, we will provide an environment for children to learn and grow through social, emotional, intellectual and creative experiences.
Each child develops individually at his/her own pace. Nurturing, security, guidance and encouragement play a major role in a child’s development. Also, children learn through play.  Programming at the centre will be developed to enhance the child’s individual goals

What Parents Think

"Best daycare ever! They treat my kids like family. They are thoughtful, patient, and caring

Momma Joon

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