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What is a Boeing 737 QRH and How to Use It?

What is a Boeing 737 QRH and How to Use It?

A Boeing 737 Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) is a document that contains all the procedures applicable for abnormal and emergency conditions in an easy-to-use format. It also provides performance data corrections for specific conditions. The QRH is a stand-alone document that can be used in coordination with the Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor (ECAM) system or Engine Instruments and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) - or equivalent system - or as a back-up to it.

Boeing 737 Qrh Pdf

The QRH is divided into three sections: Normal Procedures, Non-Normal Procedures, and Performance Inflight. The Normal Procedures section contains the normal checklists that are usually also provided on the back cover of the QRH. The Non-Normal Procedures section contains the procedures for managing any abnormal/emergency condition. The Performance Inflight section contains the performance data corrections for various flight phases and conditions.

The QRH is designed to help the flight crew perform the required actions in a timely and efficient manner. The QRH uses a standard format and symbols to present the information clearly and consistently. The QRH also uses prompts, notes, cautions, and warnings to guide the flight crew through the procedures and highlight important aspects.

To use the QRH effectively, the flight crew should follow these steps:

  • Identify the condition or failure using the ECAM/EICAS system or other indications.

  • Select the appropriate procedure from the QRH Non-Normal Procedures section using the table of contents or index.

  • Perform the procedure following the instructions and feedback from the ECAM/EICAS system or QRH.

  • Refer to the QRH Performance Inflight section if needed to obtain performance data corrections.

  • Refer to the Aircraft Operations Manual (AOM) or Flight Crew Operations Manual (FCOM) for possible additional guidance after completing the QRH procedure.

The QRH is an essential tool for ensuring safe and efficient flight operations. The flight crew should be familiar with the content and format of the QRH and use it as required during any abnormal/emergency condition.

The QRH is updated regularly to reflect the latest changes and improvements in the aircraft systems and procedures. The flight crew should always use the most current version of the QRH available for their aircraft. The QRH is also customized for each operator and aircraft configuration, so the flight crew should ensure that they use the correct QRH for their specific aircraft.

The QRH is not intended to replace the AOM/FCOM or other manuals and documents that provide more detailed information and guidance on the aircraft systems and operations. The QRH is also not intended to cover all possible scenarios and situations that may arise during flight. The flight crew should always use their best judgment and professional skills to handle any situation that is not covered by the QRH or ECAM/EICAS system.

The QRH is a valuable resource for the flight crew that can help them cope with any abnormal/emergency condition in a safe and efficient manner. The flight crew should review the QRH regularly and practice using it in various scenarios to enhance their proficiency and confidence. e0e6b7cb5c


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