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[S2E9] Sidelined __FULL__

With Crane sidelined because of a bad cold, Abbie and Jenny investigate a series of unexplained suicides at Tarrytown Psych, which brings up painful memories of their mother, Lori (Aunjanue Ellis), for them both. While at the hospital, they contact Irving for any insights into the victims, but he says none of them make any sense, they are completely unmotivated. When they review the security footage of the latest victim, they are shocked to discover the spirit of their mother in the room with him, and each of the apparent suicides before him.

[S2E9] Sidelined

Unsurprisingly, the in-show Canada wasn't swayed by Gilead's vision for a society based around the intellectual suppression and ritualised rape of women, of which Fred Waterford was an emissary, and his trip ended fairly disastrously. Serena was along for the ride north doing her best Melania, finding herself spectating longingly as Canadian passers-by went about a regular life and, in one of the most thrilling scenes this season, having a semi-flirtatious encounter with an operative of the sidelined American government who offered her not just freedom but a chance to try and right her wrongs by telling her story. 041b061a72


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