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Visia is one of the most advanced skin analyzing aesthetic device in the industry. It captures high-quality images that can show the condition of the skin, even the smallest details. It also automatically maps and measures the skin and its characteristics. Visia comes with different features that can show the health and state of your skin. Learn how machine works and its features here.

buy visia machine

Visia comes with different features that help analyze skin to determine its current state and evaluate the skin issues that can be improved. Its different modes and protocols can visualize the level of damage on skin. Visia does not only measure the discoloration on skin, it can also record the depth of wrinkles and acne scars. Another unique feature of this machine is that it can show the concentration of bacteria on various areas of the face.

The Visia machine takes three photos of your face -- one with daylight lighting conditions, one with cross polarization (which reduces glare) and one with UV light -- to evaluate and quantify various conditions both on the surface of your skin and hidden in your skin's layers.

Visia machines have been around for at least 15 years, but the latest model and software have a few added features. One is the "TruSkin age," which basically tells you if the amount of wrinkles, UV damage and discoloration is typical for your age. It does that by comparing your skin conditions to a large database of other patients. My TrueSkin age is 33, which is only slightly higher than my actual age, 31.

To be clear, Visia is hardly the first machine to take UV photography -- that practice has been around for decades. But what makes a Visia scan is valuable is that it can tell you how your UV damage (along with wrinkles, red spots and so on) compares to others your age. That data can help you and your doctor better understand the condition of your skin and identify any abnormalities -- like if you have as much sun damage as a 40-year-old when you're only 25.

When I asked Dr. Potozkin why he wanted to get a Visia machine for his practice, he told me that he was enticed by the fact that it can give patients a detailed analysis of their skin and help them understand all of the factors that affects it.

One of the new technological advancements in skin care is the Visia computerized skin analysis machine. The computerized machine scans the skin through a process of multi-spectral imaging and highlights six to eight main areas of focus. From there, the team is able to offer advice on effective products and treatments to meet your needs.

The information gathered from a Visia computerized skin analysis can shed some light on very important details of the skin to ensure optimum treatment. The following are some of the areas that the machine will analyze.

Certain types of spots can be reduced through regular exfoliation, which works to speed the turnover of cells. Others can be treated with lightening creams or IPL laser. The machine can highlight these areas, which helps the estheticians to suggest the correct products and treatments to improve the color and tone of the skin.

The Visia machine can pick up these areas where skin elasticity has decreased, which helps our team offer the best solutions to reduce the aging look. We may suggest products, such as retinol or treatments, such as secret RF microneedling, which can build collagen over time and improve the look of wrinkles.

While it is very difficult to permanently shrink the size of pores, there are certain products that can temporarily reduce the size, such as retinol, or certain procedures that can help make them less visible, such as laser resurfacing. The Visia machine will be able to highlight the size of your pores so that the most effective products and treatments can be used.

If the Visia machine picks up many brown spots, treatment will be advised to reduce the pigment of the skin through various lightening creams or laser treatments. Prevention will also need to be considered, such as wearing sunblock on a daily basis.

A visia skin analyzing machine is also called a skin analyzing machine, or skin analyze machine. It can be any of the following products to your customers' needs, including visia skin analyzing machine, or a skin analyzing machine. Some skin analyzer tools provide more information than compared to machines, and also analyze different products from one to two.

A visia skin analyzer machine is also called a skin analyzer machine. It can analyze different types of skin, hair reeling, hydrating, and even the most common visia skin analyzer machine is a beauty salon or spa. It can be used as a skin analyzer machine in different salon and spa industries.

Are you looking for a wholesale visia skin analysis machine? Look no further than If you own a glass processing business, you probably know how vital a visia hair analysis machine is. This tool creates an accurate score line for a clean and uniform cut. Although cutting tools are required to create a score line, you also need breaking tools that simplify the process substantially. As a result, you can get the desired glass shape and sizes for various applications. This machinery is essential for the food, construction, automotive, beverage, and consumer electronics industries.

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Purchase visia skin analysis machine products made with the latest modern technology at These visia skin analysis machine products are sold by certified suppliers and manufactures at fantastic prices and discounts. Top ranking visia skin analysis machine products can be personalized and repackaged to the desired preference of the consumer. They are fit for both professional and personal use.visia skin analysis machine products sold at are equipped with magic mirrors that have 3D skin testers offering adjustable image clarity. They are portable and handheld, which makes them convenient to move around with, getting accurate angles during the skin testing process. They are also convenient for professionals who are on call as they are easy to pack and carry as they are wireless. Fitted with moisture scanners, visia skin analysis machine products give a distinct evaluation of how much more or less moisture is required to keep the skin looking great and supple. visia skin analysis machine.

VISIA Skin Analysis is an advanced skin evaluation system that examines the skin on a deep level using a multi-spectral view. In our opinion, this machine is the best way to assess your skin and formulate the ideal skincare treatment for your specific needs. 041b061a72


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