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"Radio Creds" are votes awarded to artists by radio programmers who havedownloaded their music and have been impressed with the artist'sprofessionalism and the audience's response to the new music. Creds helpartists advance through the AirPlay Direct community.

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Please note: While links to Web sites outside of DOT are offered for your convenience, when you exit DOT Web sites, Federal privacy policy and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (accessibility requirements) no longer apply. In addition, DOT does not attest to the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information provided by linked sites. Linking to a Web site does not constitute an endorsement by DOT of the sponsors of the site or the products presented on the site. For more information, please view DOT's Web site linking policy.

iPrimus speed test is performed by performing various speed tests using your iPrimusinternet connection. This happens when our speed test service sends a chunks of bytes toiPrimus's nearest server. Firstly, we perform a download test in which chunks of bytesare downloaded from remote server to your computer and the transfer rate of downloading thatfile is measured, this is called Download speed test. Next is iPrimus upload speed testwhich is performed by uploading random chunks of bytes from your computer to the nearestserver and the transfer rate is checked accordingly. When both of the tests are performed,the results are calculated and shown.

Various factors affects the internet speed of your internet connection, some of those arelatency, jitter, download speed, upload speed, weather, distance from connected computer,and more. The latency is the response time of a server that is the time in which first byteof data is received on each request. Download speed is the rate at which a file downloads toyour computer, Upload speed is the rate at which a file uploads to any server from yourcomputer. The weather conditions effects the internet in a way that if your internetconnection is wireless, it will be effected by extreme weather because the signals getsweaker due to storms and rains or too much of a heat. The wired internet connection alsosometimes gets effected by weather in those circumstances where the cable is damaged and orthe loose connectors between your nearest DB and your home/office.

Our speed test tool offers you a variety of tests for different ISPs. You just have to clickthe start button and our tool will automatically start the download and upload speed testsand will also measure various other parameters involved in your network speed. The finalresult of the test will uncover your jitter, latency, download speed, upload speed, and yourisp name and country.

Also, please note that on the WooCommerce > Status > Logs page, you will need to select the appropriate log file from the dropdown to view the correct logs (i.e. PayPal, or wc_gateway_ppec-*** for PayPal (Express) Checkout):

Opera is a cross platform web browser and Internet suite. It includes a variety of programs to accomplish common Internet tasks such as web browsing, IRC, email, and more. Features of the browser include tabbed browsing, an integrated download manager, and built-in privacy and anti-phishing utilities.Opera was originally trialware, but starting with version 5.0 became advertisement supported. Begining with version 8.5, the browser became free with revenue coming from Google advertising revenue, as it is the default search engine. 041b061a72


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