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Chris Hein Horns.rar

Chris Hein Horns.rar: A Complete Library of Brass and Woodwind Instruments

If you are looking for a realistic and versatile collection of brass and woodwind instruments for your music production, you might want to check out Chris Hein Horns.rar. This is a compressed file that contains the four volumes of Chris Hein Horns library: Vol.1 - XL Solo-Instruments, Vol.2 - Brass & Woodwind Sections, Vol.3 - Muted Brass and Vol.4 - More Brass & Woodwinds. Each volume contains different groups of instruments that perfectly match each other, and can be used for various genres such as jazz, pop, big-band, funk and cinematic music.

What's inside Chris Hein Horns.rar?

Chris Hein Horns.rar is the world's largest collection of brass and woodwind instruments, with a total of 53 solo-instruments and 32 section-instruments, and approximately 80,000 samples and 50 GB content. The instruments cover a wide range of sounds, from trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones, tubas, saxophones, clarinets, flutes and alphorn to synth-brass, mutes and effects. The instruments are deeply sampled in great detail and offer a variety of playing styles such as non-vibrato, vibrato, singing, shakuhachi, legato, staccato, crescendo, flutter tongue and more. The instruments also have up to 38 articulations and up to 20 velocities for a realistic and expressive performance.

Download Zip:

What are the features of Chris Hein Horns.rar?

Chris Hein Horns.rar is not only a huge library of sounds, but also a powerful tool for creating your own custom sounds. The library comes with a new graphical user interface that makes tweaking and editing easy and intuitive. You can sculpt the sound of each instrument and define how it reacts to your playing. Some of the features include:

  • Phase aligned samples for perfect blending between dynamics

  • Extremely customizable articulation presets including copy paste feature

  • New key-switch preset management

  • New flexible hot-key management

  • Articulations can be unloaded to save memory

  • Memory depending effects can be unloaded to save memory

  • Speed change for all articulations

  • Five different velocity crossfade modes

  • Velocity fade filter

  • Transient designer

  • New effects: Attack shapes, air, noise, release effects

  • 16 new convolution impulses for reverb

  • Improved key-vibrato

  • Two independent, intelligent LFO-vibrato types

  • Auto vibrato

  • Assignable pitchbend

  • iPad & iPhone real time remote controller

How to get Chris Hein Horns.rar?

You can buy Chris Hein Horns.rar from the official website of Chris Hein, or from other online retailers such as Best Service or Native Instruments. The price of the complete bundle is 649 euros, but you can also buy each volume separately for 299 euros each. You will need the Kontakt player or the full version of Kontakt to use the library.


Chris Hein Horns.rar is a comprehensive and versatile library of brass and woodwind instruments that can enhance your music production with realistic and expressive sounds. Whether you are composing jazz, pop, big-band, funk or cinematic music, you will find the right instrument for your project in this library. With its new pro features, you can also customize the sound of each instrument to suit your needs and preferences. If you are interested in Chris Hein Horns.rar, you can visit the official website or the online retailers to learn more about it or to buy it.

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