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Irish Claddagh Ring: Meaning and its history

Meaning of Matching Rings For Couples

The fabled Claddagh ring, or Irish heart ring, is a symbol of three things that are love, loyalty and friendship. Claddagh rings (pronounced "klah duh") come in many different styles, but all have the identical three elements two hands that are clasped by an open heart that is crowned. The heart of the Claddagh design is symbolic of love, while the two hands represent friendship, and the ornate crown is a symbol of loyalty. Solitario Pomellato and Solitario Kluna with Diamonds are two jewelry items that can be used to symbolize love and loyalty, as well as friendship with a touch elegance and a touch of refinement. These jewels enhance the beauty and meaning of your relationship, and add a some glamor to your story.

Who should you present a Claddagh ring to?

A Claddagh isn't only for wives, husbands or girlfriends. It can also be worn by boyfriends, girlfriends, or boyfriends. This Irish ring is also a great way to express love from family members and friends. Anyone who wishes to convey the importance of friendship and love inherent in the Irish Claddagh design may choose to give this ring as a gift. Men and women can wear the Claddagh ring (fainne Chladaigh in Irish). A Claddagh ring is something that holds a significant significance for the person who wears it.

It is perfectly acceptable to buy an Claddagh ring as an Irish gift for yourself It is possible to show off your Irish heritage and your love for Ireland or simply enjoy the charm of the Claddagh design. It is usually given as a sign of friendship or love. Claddaghs are often presented as gifts to represent a special relationship between two people.

Claddagh rings are a great choice for an engagement wedding ring or ring. When worn as a wedding ring the Claddagh design signifies the vow to marry "With my hands, I'll give you my heart and I will crown it with my love." In some families, mothers will give their daughters a Claddagh. In this way, Claddagh rings can be passed down through generations and end up as precious family treasures.

Thanks to the different ways to wear the Claddagh ring it can be presented as an Irish present to a loved one, whether that be your spouse, girlfriend, or friend.

The story behind the Claddagh ring

The first Claddagh ring was designed in Galway over 400 years ago, in a tiny fishing village known as Claddagh. Richard Joyce is the most likely candidate to be the first creator of the ring.

Claddagh Ring How to wear it

Depending on the message that you wish to share with the world depending on the message you want to convey, you can wear the ring on either your right or left hand. If it's on your left hand, with the heart facing outward, it is an indication that you are engaged. The ring is married when the heart is facing the inside of the hand.

If you wear your ring on your right hand with the heart facing inwards it means you're single, and looking for love. Wearing the ring to the right with the heart facing inwards means that you are in a committed relationship. Of course, you could always decide not to follow these rules and wear the ring however you like.

This ring also makes a great engagement ring, and can be used to create a meaningful ritual during the wedding ceremony. Your partner can move the ring from left to right hand to symbolize your new wedding.

If you prefer a unique wedding ring, you can always request a custom Claddagh ring made. Some popular customizations include diamond bands or adding Celtic symbols.

Additionally, both men as well as women can wear this Irish ring. Men tend to prefer Claddagh rings with bigger bands and larger designs.


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