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Run Hindi Movie: A Review

Run is a Hindi movie that was released in 2004, directed by Jeeva and produced by Boney Kapoor and Sridevi. It is a remake of a 2002 Tamil film of the same name, starring Madhavan and Meera Jasmine. The film features Abhishek Bachchan as Siddharth, a young man who falls in love with Jhanvi (Bhumika Chawla), the sister of a ruthless gangster Ganpat (Mahesh Manjrekar). The film is a mix of action, comedy and romance, with some memorable scenes and dialogues.



The film begins with Siddharth arriving in New Delhi from Allahabad to pursue his higher studies. He stays with his sister Esha (Ayesha Jhulka) and her husband. He also meets his friend Ganesh (Vijay Raaz), who is a con artist and often gets into trouble. Siddharth bumps into Jhanvi at a supermarket and falls in love with her at first sight. He follows her and tries to impress her, but she initially rejects him. She belongs to a conservative Haryanvi family, where Ganpat is the head and is very protective of his sister. He does not approve of her relationship with Siddharth and tries to kill him several times.

Siddharth and Jhanvi keep meeting secretly, while Ganesh helps them escape from Ganpat's men. Siddharth also fights off the thugs who harass him and his family. He decides to elope with Jhanvi and marry her before she is forced to marry someone else by her brother. However, Ganpat finds out their plan and sets a trap for them. He also uses his influence to get Siddharth suspended from his college and Esha injured in an accident. Will Siddharth and Jhanvi be able to overcome the obstacles and unite? Or will Ganpat succeed in separating them forever?



Abhishek BachchanSiddharth

Bhumika ChawlaJhanvi Choudhry

Mahesh ManjrekarGanpat Choudhry

Vijay RaazGanesh

Mukesh RishiRajeev

Ayesha JhulkaEsha

Anjan SrivastavRamdev Shastri

Goga KapoorMember of Parliament

Mukul AgarwalShweta Menon Shruti Choudhry

Neelu KohliSiddharth's Mother

Anushka ShettySnehal (special appearance)

Shafi Aadil Vinod Talwar Ravi Tiwari Kulbeer Afroz Khan


Run is an entertaining film that has a good balance of action, comedy and romance. The film has some hilarious scenes, especially involving Vijay Raaz, who steals the show with his comic timing and expressions. His character Ganesh goes through various misadventures, such as eating crow biryani, getting robbed by a fake saint, losing his kidney and becoming a pettycoat baba. His dialogues are witty and funny, such as "Choti Ganga mein nahane se paap nahi dhulte" or "Maine kaha tha na, yeh duniya bahut chhoti hai". Abhishek Bachchan does a decent job as the hero, who is brave, romantic and loyal. He shows his action skills in some fight sequences, such as the one in the railway station or the climax scene. Bhumika Chawla looks pretty and plays the role of a simple girl who loves Siddharth. Mahesh Manjrekar is convincing as the villain, who is ruthless, powerful and obsessed with his sister. The other supporting actors also do their parts well.

The film has some drawbacks, such as the weak script, the cliched plot and the lack of originality. The film is a scene-to-scene remake of the Tamil version, which itself was inspired by many other films. The film does not offer anything new or innovative to the audience. The film also has some logical flaws, such as how Siddharth manages to escape from Ganpat's men so easily or how Ganpat does not recognize Siddharth when he sees him in a disguise. The film also has some unnecessary songs, such as the item number by Anushka Shetty, which do not add much to the story.

Overall, Run is a film that can be watched for its comedy and action scenes. It is not a masterpiece, but it is not a boring film either. It is a film that can be enjoyed with family and friends, without expecting too much from it.


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