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Your browser will be redirected to a software download for an antivirus application if you click on one of those ads. Even so, there are also few occurrences where it could possibly lead you to a malicious drive-by download site that contain virus.

Additionally, since the free version of this application can remove by itself, using it costs you nothing. Malwarebytes also offers a free 14-day trial when you download it for the first time, so you might want to use the remaining time of the trial to test out the premium features.

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The malware lurking on your system would have been removed now and your computer has become safer to use now. As we have stated above, downloading Malwarebytes for the first time will grant you a premium trial. You may utilize Malwarebytes Real Time Protection to protect your device from malicious threats and viruses as soon as they surface.

If you think that while was displaying adverts on your computer, a certain executable file was installed. It is best to uninstall any doubtful and undesired apps that have been installed, if any, as a certain drive-by download may have taken place.

You will see a list of folders with different hashes, to find what you need to delete, tick the Developer mode in the Google Chrome extensions tab to show the id of downloaded plugins.

To ensure sure and other viruses are totally removed from the system, we advise running a scan just in case. If you are downloading the application for the first time, you will also receive a 31-day premium trial.


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