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Scientists create a resonator to stimulate the pineal gland (sixth sense), and open up a door to a parallel (and hostile) universe. Based on a story by H. P. Lovecraft.I first saw this film a few years ago (maybe 2009) at a film festival in Chicago, but it apparently did not stick with me well. I neither wrote a review at the time (which is a rarity) nor did I remember much beyond the very skeleton of a plot when I revisited it again (2013). Perhaps because, sadly, it is not among the better films out there.This is the sort of movie a horror fan wants to love: based on Lovecraft, directed by Stuart Gordon, starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton and Ken Foree. Even the producers are noteworthy -- Brian Yuzna and the Band family when they were till in their prime. The opening credits are a veritable horror hall of fame. And seeing Combs interact with Foree is timeless fun and entertainment.John Carl Buechler's effects need to be praised. They have been compared to Rob Bottin's "The Thing", which I think is fair. But Buechler often gets the short shrift, perhaps considered inferior to Bottin, Robert Hall, John Vulich, KNB and others... look at these effects and tell me he is not among the greatest effects artists out there. Ted Sorel, not typically associated with horror, did extremely well, too, and should be recognized -- horror fans can also check him out in "Basket Case 2".But the film leaves something to be desired. While the concept of opening another dimension is very cool (and classic Lovecraft), and the focus on the pineal gland is a good way to address that (as one character remarks, the gland has been a metaphysical mystery at least since the days of Descartes), it seems like screenwriter Dennis Paoli did not adequately find the right way to adapt a seven-page story into an 85-minute film. The film remains strong for the first half, but after that the audience (or at least me) grows weary, wondering how many times the group can return to the attic, or how many times a machine can be destroyed and still work. And then the story spirals off in a very strange direction, as if it suddenly picked up another script to get directions from. If this could have been condensed to 60 minutes, it probably would be a masterpiece, but instead it sort of lingers as Stuart Gordon's red-headed stepchild.So, in short, die-hard horror fans are going to love (or at least enjoy) this film, seeing their favorite stars on screen (sort of a sequel to "Re-Animator" -- with three cast members, a director, producers, writers and even Miskatonic University returning). For the rest of the viewing public, this is not going to be a top pick...


Guy makes a resonator that interacts with entities on another plane that have strong sexual forces/energies that are very hostile, seductive and powerful. It's a retelling of an old story with a different setting but its not a remake of From Beyond, its more like a prequel. I hope they continue on down this path. More please. 041b061a72


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