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Where To Buy Lavazza Coffee In Los Angeles

Lavazza opens its first flagship cafe in the coffee-obsessed city on Tuesday, not far from the renovated 19th century palazzo where Starbucks will open its first Italian store, a 'Reserve Roasteries' outlet offering specialty blends and fine food.

where to buy lavazza coffee in los angeles

Lavazza's chief executive and some of its family owners will cut a ribbon to launch their cafe, where customers can sip a blend of coffee specifically crafted for the store, taste gourmet food and buy single-origin coffees.

The Lavazza Group has three main manufacturing plants in Italy: Turin, the first historical manufacturing plant; Gattinara, where Lavazza A Modo Mio, Lavazza Espresso Point and Lavazza Blue capsules are produced; and in Pozzilli where decaffeinated coffee is made for worldwide distribution. Other manufacturing plants are located in France, India, and Brazil.[22] 041b061a72


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